1. Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Digitally manipulated collage, Dimensions variable, 2014


  2. Impulse No. 51, Collage, 180 x 180mm, 2014


  3. Impulse No. 50, Spray paint, ink, watercolour and chalk on paper, 180 x 180mm, 2014


  4. Big Brother, Mural: Emulsion paint on plaster, Aprox. 3700 x 2300mm, 2012


  5. High Jump, Digital photography, Dimension variable, 2014


  6. Frei/Besetzt, Digital photography, Dimensions variable, 2014


  7. Impulse No. 37, Watercolour on paper, 180 x 180mm, 2014


  8. Impulse No. 38, Ink o n paper, 180 x 180mm, 2014


  9. Impulse No. 39, Ink on paper, 180 x 180mm, 2014


  10. Impulse No. 42, Collage, 180 x 180mm, 2014


  11. Impulse No. 41, Collage, 180 x 180mm, 2014


  12. oomkzine:

    We’re really excited to be hosting Kilburn Comic and Zine Fair in South Kilburn Studios on Saturday 15th February. There’ll be free talks and workshops and of course lots of comics and zines for sale. 

    Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/657152920997461/

    Exhibitors List: Editions of You, Feline Vomitus, OOMK Zine, Sophie Elliot, Julie Kane,  Genma Visage, Monster Emporium Press, Dead Trees and Dye, Structo Magazine, Extra Bones, Other Asias, The Well Met Press, PLAZA, Lella, Æ Folklore, Princesa Pirata, Songline Press, Backwards Burd, Clod Magazine and Books, Flamingo Magazine, Melon Shrub, Poems Underwater, Fixed up Comic, Peter Lally, Centrala, Crumb Cabin, Avery Hill Publishing, Microcosmic Orbit, Newfangled Press, Benjamin rider, Gareth Brookes, Cool Schmool Zines, JCMelon.


  13. King Lear, Collage, 297 x 210mm, 2014


  14. Open Heart Surgery, Collage, 297 x 210mm, 2014


  15. In Ruins, Collage, 297 x 210mm, 2014